All About the Slip Knot

The slip knot is the first thing you will do when you start a project. This knot allows your to work your next stitch by using the slip knot loop. Let’s talk about the different parts or anatomy of the slip knot.

What Does it Mean to Work Into The Slip Stitch Space

Some time you may come across a pattern that requires you to work your first stitch of a round into the slst sp. So what exactly does this mean ?? Let’s take a deeper look into this stitch and why it is so important to know when to work into this space.

All About Crochet Hooks

It’s no secret that crochet and knitting are the trend in hobbies right now. You see crochet creations on social media and in shops and online. Have you every wondered how someone made it? Keep reading because I am going to take you through the adventurous world of Crochet!