Your Crochet Experience Is About to Take Off!

Have you searched the internet for a place where you can find all the information you need to teach yourself to crochet? I have too, and what I have found is although there are many great sites out that give you information about crochet they lack the deep details. So I’m here to bring that to you.

At Knottie Hooks we understand that not everyone learns the same way. Our learn to crochet resources offer you read along stitch tutorials packed with detailed images that help guide you every step. 

For more visual learners, see it in action with video-stitch-tutorials. 

If you need additional information about a pattern, check my pattern-walk-through’s  where I break the pattern down into more detail that there isn’t always room for on the pdf. 

All About Crochet Hooks

It’s no secret that crochet and knitting are the trend in hobbies right now. You see crochet creations on social media and in shops and online. Have you every wondered how someone made it? Keep reading because I am going to take you through the adventurous world of Crochet!

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Miss Prim’s Roses

Miss Prim’s Roses is a fun pattern that will test your pattern reading skills and your crochet skills. I use the slip stitch space in this pattern to control the alignment of increases that shape the yoke into a Ragland style top that is light and airy, perfect for wearing over a tank for extra color pop.

This is not a beginner pattern, you will need to know what the slip stitch space looks like and be able to count skipped stitches. Miss Prim’s Roses uses the primrose stitch worked top down. Sizing for this project is based on CYC standards, please be sure of your measurements before decided on a size to follow.

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Fully Loaded PDF Patterns

When you are ready to put your new skills to work, check out my fully loaded pdf patterns. I mean FULLY LOADED, with stitch tutorials and links to videos! All my patterns are tested for quality and accuracy. More complex patterns are put through rigorous tech editing

Knottie Hooks Gifts and Kits

I sell my hand made creations and crochet kits at the Painted Owl Gift Boutique LLC. Shipping and local pickup availale!

 So I hope you find all you are looking for here at Knottie Hooks. Feel free to  me about any questions recommendations you have and I will do my best to make your crochet experience the best it can be. Get Crocheting and let’s make things!

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