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Popular Posts:

All About the Slip Knot

The slip knot is the first thing you will do when you start a project. This knot allows your to work your next stitch by using the slip knot loop. Let’s talk about the different parts or anatomy of the slip knot.

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Miss Prim’s Roses

Miss Prim’s Roses is a fun pattern that will test your pattern reading skills and your crochet skills. I use the slip stitch space in this pattern to control the alignment of increases that shape the yoke into a Ragland style top that is light and airy, perfect for wearing over a tank for extra color pop.

This is not a beginner pattern, you will need to know what the slip stitch space looks like and be able to count skipped stitches. Miss Prim’s Roses uses the primrose stitch worked top down. Sizing for this project is based on CYC standards, please be sure of your measurements before decided on a size to follow.

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