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Jellybean Jumper (Kids)

This kids' sweater has a simple yet elegant design. The circular yoke is worked in the round before splitting and continuing on to the rest of the body. Complete with picture tutorials for special stitches a well as links to video tutorials. The pattern includes links to materials that may be affiliate related and suggests alternative options if suggested materials are unavailable.

Jellybean Jumper (adults)

This sweater has a simple yet elegant design. The circular yoke is worked in the round before splitting and continuing on to the rest of the body. Complete with picture tutorials for special stitches a well as links to video tutorials. The pattern includes links to materials that may be affiliate related and suggests alternative options if suggested materials are unavailable.

Myra Slouch Hat

Get ready to create something amazing! With the Myra pattern, you can crochet a fabulous hat using mostly bean stitches. This hat is worked bottom up in both rounds and rows, giving you the freedom to adjust its sizing to fit perfectly. The hat's unique design is achieved by alternating between the right and wrong side of the piece, which determines the direction of the beans. Let's get started on this fantastic project!

Raven Kimono (adult)

Introducing Raven - a stunning crochet piece featuring the delicate Cherry Blossom stitch. Its flowing and elegant design makes it ideal for dressing up, whether it's for a night out or a more modest occasion. Raven is crafted from three panels and two sleeves that are sewn together at the end.

Raven Kimono (kids)

Meet Raven. This piece uses a combination of puff stitches, double crochets, and chains to create a beautiful stitch, the Cherry Blossom stitch. The piece itself is long and flowing, airy and elegant. Raven is constructed by creating 3 panels and two sleeves that are sewn together at the end

Cherry Blossom Scarf

The Cherry Blossom Scarf that showcases a stunning stitch pattern. This pattern belongs to a collection of three unique designs that each highlight the cherry blossom stitch. See this elegant stitch worked into a long scarf with this pattern or into an infinity scarf with CB Infinity,

CB Infinity

Unleash the limitless potential of this stitch with the CB Infinity Scarf. Alongside the Raven Kimono and the Cherry Blossom Scarf, you'll perfect this stitch like a pro. The infinity scarf will help you conquer the stitch in the round with no turning required. Believe in yourself and let this stitch guide you on the path of boundless crochet opportunities.

"X's" & "O's" Shawl

Unleash your creativity and discover the breathtaking beauty of stitching both forwards and backwards to create stunning "X's" & "O's" that will truly amaze you! Our photo tutorials make it a breeze to expand your crochet skills and learn to work stitches in a unique way that adds a special touch of interest and beauty to every piece you create.

Holiday Hoodie (adult)

Unleash your creative potential with this incredibly versatile hoodie that is perfect for any occasion. You have the option to choose between a zipper or pullover closure, or even transform it into a trendy vest. Be inspired by the limitless possibilities and unleash your imagination and experiment with different colors and fibers!

Holiday Hoodie (kids)

Keep them warm and stylish with this incredible hoodie! The possibilities are endless - you can customize it to your heart's desire. Don't worry about complexity - it's mainly worked in one piece, making it easier than you think. And if you're feeling ambitious, the pattern includes instructions for adding a zipper. Want something simple? Go for the pullover style. Feeling daring? Omit the sleeves to create a chic vest.

Ariel Beanie (bundle)

Experience the creative flexibility of the Ariel Beanie Bundle. Embrace your unique style with the option to choose from three different looks: ponytail, bun, or classic. The beanie is designed to effortlessly work from top down. The brim ensures you won't need to fasten off after the last round and is worked as part of the hat body. Unleash your creativity and use most worsted weight yarns to bring Ariel to life.

Emilie Beanie (bundle)

Unleash your inner artist with this game-changing 3 in 1 pattern bundle. The Emilie beanie is not only chic but also cozy, elevating any outfit with its unique texture. Starting from your preferred style of ponytail, bun, or classic, this beanie is worked top-down, allowing you to discover the wonderful world of working in continuous rounds with ease! The brim effortlessly transitions into the hat, eliminating any need for fastening off or working a separate strip.

Erica Beanie (bundle)

Upgrade your crafting skills with the Erica beanie bundle. This versatile hat can be worn in different ways and is ideal for both beginners looking to improve their skills, or seasoned crocheters looking to spice up their stitch techniques. With her own unique style, Erica is perfect for any occasion - soft and trendy or bold and funky. Make a statement and conquer new heights with Erica!

Jughead Hat

Unleash your potential with this hat pattern! Perfect for beginners and intermediate levels, it's a challenge that rewards with stylish peeks created through skillful increases and decreases. Finish this piece by sewing together clean straight edges that will shape this fabric into a hat made to draw attention. Grab your hook and start creating your statement!

Kameron Slouch Hat

Get ready to slouch in style with the Kameron hat! This playful hat is perfect for showing off a full-bodied #4 worsted weight yarn that hangs drapes like a dream. As for a yarn that's as soft and flexible, Caron Pantone is the way to go. Although it's classified as #5 bulky, it works up more like a #4 worsted weight yarn. Have fun with nontraditional increases involving both the post and top of the stitch.

Monique Beret

Experience timeless elegance and sophistication with Monique, a cherished hat that will inspire your creativity. The seamless circular knit stitch and charming "x" stitch create a one-of-a-kind texture that radiates character. Customize your project's size with ease by adding or removing rounds, and manipulate the band by adjusting starting chains and rows. Let the nostalgia of the process fuel your inspiration and enjoy creating a true masterpiece.

Randa Slouch Hat

Create something truly unique with Randa, a stunning slouch hat designed to ignite your creativity. With Randa, anything is possible as you explore the limitless possibilities of your worsted weight yarn and color combinations. Worked top down using a magic circle, this pattern takes you on a journey through a variety of stitches, each one adding to the hat's unique charm and out of the box aesthetic. Bring your crochet to the next level!

Miss Em's Bag

Get ready to be wowed by Miss Em's Bag! With a blend of double crochet and chains, she has crafted using the Turkish St Point, which creates an incredible three-dimensional effect. And that's not all – these stitches stretch and reveal the luxurious satin lining within. This pattern is complete with step by step guidance to walk you through creating this masterpiece!

Soap Sock

Discover a new level of personal care with Soap Socks. These unique little pouches provide a gentle yet effective way to cleanse your entire body. With just 1-2 hours of your time, you can create a personalized Soap Sock in your favorite color. And when it needs a refresh, simply pop it into the laundry. It's that easy! This pattern can be easily adapted to fit your needs. Choose the perfect scrubby yarn for your skin for a sensation that's just right. Give your skin the love and care it deserves with Soap Socks.

Kitchen Scrubbies

Create a cleaning solution that is not only sustainable and cost-effective, but also provides an extra touch of care. The scrubbie pattern, featuring a unique additional step to prevent curling, allows you to craft up to 8 high-quality scrubbies with just one skein of Hobby Lobby's Scrub-ology Scrub It! yarn. Absorbent and durable, these scrubbies will revolutionize your cleaning routine - from the kitchen to everything in between.

Beach Plum Cover Up

Experience ultimate relaxation in the Beach Plum Cover Up. This oversized tunic-style top is the perfect addition to any bathing suit. With its loose stitches, you can bask in the summer sun while feeling cool and comfortable. What sets this piece apart is its unique construction. The yoke stretches from arm to arm, ensuring a perfect fit. The body is then worked off the yoke for a flawless finish. Let the Beach Plum Cover Up be your go-to for a serene and stylish beach day.

Knottie Notes

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10 Apr 2024

All About the Slip Knot

The slip knot is the first thing you will do when you start a project. This knot allows your to work your next stitch by using the slip knot loop. Let's talk about the different parts or anatomy of the slip knot.


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10 Apr 2024

What Does it Mean to Work Into The Slip Stitch Space

Some time you may come across a pattern that requires you to work your first stitch of a round into the slst sp. So what exactly does this mean ?? Let's take a deeper look into this stitch and why it is so important to know when to work into this space.


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9 Apr 2024

All About Crochet Hooks

It's no secret that crochet and knitting are the trend in hobbies right now. You see crochet creations on social media and in shops and online. Have you every wondered how someone made it? Keep reading because I am going to take you through the adventurous world of Crochet!